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US President Donald Trump wants to Increase Trade with China

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US President Donald Trump wants to Increase Trade with China. US President Donald Trump plans to further escalate his trade war with China by introducing restrictions on Chinese investments in US technology companies. That’s what insiders say about the issue.


It concerns investments in, for example, ICT, aviation, electric cars, robots, pharmacy and biotechnology, according to the sources, says EYE News.

The US Treasury Department would come out with the plans by the end of this week. The White House considers these sectors to be essential for national security and their own economy.

By restricting Chinese investments in these types of companies, Trump wants to ensure that the Chinese do not receive sensitive information. The president would like to use a kind of emergency law for this.

The new tensions between Washington and Beijing follow the import duties that were recently imposed by the economic superpowers. On the financial markets, the increasing trade-off between the United States and China caused a lot of unrest.

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