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Boris Johnson has Criticized Politicians who want to Thwart Him in the House of Commons

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The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has strongly criticized politicians who want to thwart him in the House of Commons.


“There is a terrible kind of collaboration going on between those who think they can block the Brexit in Parliament and our European friends,” said the conservative leader during a question session on Facebook.

Johnson has always said that the United Kingdom will leave the EU on 31 October, if necessary without agreement on the divorce conditions.

In the British House of Commons, there is a lot of opposition to such a Brexit without a deal. Opponents, also within the Johnson Conservative Party, fear significant economic damage when it comes to that.

Former Finance Minister Philip Hammond complained to the BBC on Wednesday that a deliberate move is being made towards a British departure from the European Union without agreement.

According to him, the government sets requirements that it knows are not negotiable for the EU.

“The parliament is clearly against a departure without a deal, and the prime minister must respect that,” said the prominent conservative, who resigned as a minister when Johnson took office.

The new prime minister, in turn, pointed the finger at the EU. He blamed the “European friends” for “not compromising at all”.

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