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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants 20,000 Extra Police Officers to the Streets

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to send 20,000 extra police officers to the streets “to tackle crime hard.” He wrote that Sunday in a free gallery in the Mail on Sunday.


The newspaper report was followed by a video message on Twitter in which Johnson promised to extend the powers of the police – to arrest people on the street. He will also invest £ 2.5 million for 10,000 additional places in British prisons.

“We have to crack down on crime, which means: to crack down on criminals,” Johnson wrote. On Twitter, it sounded: “My job is to make your streets safer”.

The new powers for agents are already being tested and would apply to an additional 8,000 additional agents in England and Wales. They will no longer need the permission of a higher-ranking agent to stop and search suspects.

Labor Opposition Party does not show up with Johnson’s plans. “Extending these powers guarantees unrest and no curtailment of violence,” said Labor MP Diane Abbott.

Great Britain has been rocked in recent years by several knife attacks. A few days ago, a London police officer was seriously injured in a machete attack.

According to the Mail, Johnson told his advisers on Friday that his government will be judged by how it is tackling the knife attack crisis.

His strict approach to crime will have to be central in a next – possibly early – election campaign, according to Johnson, the newspaper said.

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