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Death Penalty of Former President Pakistan Withdrawn

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A Pakistani court of law has passed the death penalty for former leader Pervez Musharraf, who was president until 2008. The judges in Lahore ruled that the tribunal sentencing him to death was “unconstitutional,” a prosecutor reports.


The special court sentenced Musharraf to death last month. It was the first time that a former leader of the dominant forces was given such a punishment. The army reacted disapprovingly to the ruling.

General Musharraf came to power in 1999 through a coup. He later resigned as president and suspended the constitution in 2007 by declaring a state of emergency.

That led to massive protests and in 2013 to his persecution. That process lasted six years and ended with his conviction for high treason.

The prosecutor representing the government says that Musharraf is now a free man again. “There is no more conviction.”

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