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Meryl Streep And Antonio Banderas Shine In Netflix Film

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Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas shine in Netflix Film. Bring the popcorn home for a movie night.


Meryl Streep (70), Antonio Banderas (59) and Gary Oldman (61) join forces for the new film The Laundromat.

The film possibly is seen on Netflix from 18 October.

The story goes as follows: After her idyllic vacation takes a bizarre turn,

 Ellen Martin (Meryl Streep) starts an investigation into a fake insurance policy.

She ends up in a dubious world of questionable transactions that all have one thing in common: a law firm in Panama City.

An office that helps the wealthiest citizens in the world to become even richer.

The charming – and very well dressed – founders Jürgen Mossack (Academy Award winner Gary Oldman),

 and Ramón Fonseca (Golden Globe-nominated Antonio Banderas) are experts in all possible tactics,

 to make the wealthiest even richer through empty companies and offshore accounts.

Through them, we discover that Ellen’s predicament is caused by tax evasion,

 bribery and other illegal absurdities to which the super-rich surrender.

This way, they maintain our corrupt financial system.

The Laundromat takes us on an absurd trip through China, Mexico, Africa,

 Los Angeles and the Caribbean to the final publication of the Panama Papers in 2016.

In it, journalists revealed the secret, leaked documents of the high-profile clients of the law firm Mossack Fonseca.

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