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The Number of Coronavirus Infections Worldwide Passed 18 Million on Monday

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The number of coronavirus infections worldwide passed 18 million on Monday. The death toll now stands at almost 687,000, after counting official sources.


Since Thursday, 1 million cases have been added when the 17 million marks were broken.

The United States is still the leader with a quarter of the total number of cases worldwide. More than 1.9 million new coronavirus infections were diagnosed in July.

That is more than forty percent of all more than 4.6 million cases registered in the country so far and considerably more than in other months, according to data on the lung virus that The New York Times collected.

The US is also a frontrunner when it comes to the number of deceased people at nearly 155,000.

Brazil (2.7 million) and India (1.7 million) have the most infection cases after the US. The United Kingdom has been the hardest hit in Europe.

More than 306,000 infections and 46,000 deaths were reported there. Tens of thousands of patients have died in major European countries such as France, Italy and Spain in recent months.

The actual number of infections in the world is probably considerably higher than reported. That’s because not everyone is tested with the virus.

Some people do not notice that they are infected, while other patients do get sick.

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