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Trump Wants To End Unfair Trade Relations

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Trump Wants To End Unfair Trade Relations: The G7 summit in La Malbaie in Canada, US President Donald Trump demanded that its time to an end unfair trading practices, published by FOX News Point.


Trump said that other countries have benefited from these unfair practices for decades, but he does not blame them for the leaders of the other members of the G7.

The group of most leading industrialised countries consists of the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

Trump said his predecessors in the White House were responsible for allowing other countries to end favourable trade agreements at the expense of the US.

He went on to say that he had not spoken in an atmosphere of argument with the other G7 leaders. Relations are excellent.

However, the president warned the other countries that they would make a mistake if they set retaliatory measures for the recent US import duties on steel and aluminium.

The G7 leaders have not only talked about trade. Trump said that the discussion regarding environment and defence already done. The G7 countries share the same values and convictions, the president said. He called the top very successful.

Import duties
The leaders of Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and Canada showed Trump Friday in the collective conversation in Quebec in Quebec, which indicates that the US import duties are bad for trade. Trump then came up with his figures to prove the opposite.

Trump spoke later in the day with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian President Justin Trudeau. Trump and Macron both seemed carefully optimistic about possible other arrangements.

Trudeau talked with the American president about a new NAFTA, after Trump stepped out of the old agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Trump left the G7 summit on Saturday afternoon earlier than planned. The president goes on a trip to Singapore, where he will meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on 12 June. The other six leaders will still have discussions about climate change, energy and the future of the oceans.

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