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US Secretary of State Pompeo: Hong Kong is No Longer Autonomous From China

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The US is not pleased with the new security law that, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, limits the autonomy of Hong Kong.


Under US law, this could have significant implications for Hong Kong’s special status and future as an economic centre of gravity in the Far East. Japan also criticizes China.

As expected, America is not happy with the new security law that the Chinese parliament has approved for Hong Kong.

That law criminalizes “secession, subversion, rebellion and foreign interference” and Chinese security forces could “impose compliance” on Hong Kong if necessary.

The flag of British Hong Kong is a symbol for many opponents but could become a criminal offence.

According to critics and now also according to Minister Mike Pompeo, that law undermines the autonomy and special status of the former British crown colony, because the Beijing regime now intervenes directly in Hong Kong.

Japan has also expressed “deep concern,” and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that China is undermining by law the model of “one country, two systems.”

It is on that principle that Hong Kong’s special status is based. The Chinese foreign ministry calls the US criticism “shameless” and demands that “the US stop interfering in Hong Kong.”

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