Your Quick and Easy Guide to the Top Must-See Sights of Phuket Thailand

Your Quick and Easy Guide to the Top Must-See Sights of Phuket Thailand

Thailand has more than 300 islands altogether, and it has many attractions, which makes it a great tourist spot. People from all around the world go on an island hopping Thailand tours as they are affordable and fun. Therefore, if you are going on an island hopping Thailand tour, then don’t forget to visit Phuket as it has a lot of stunning islands.

There are 32 islands in Phuket alone. Phuket features white sandy beaches along with various dramatic rock formations which makes Phuket one of Asia’s most popular beach destinations. If you plan on island hopping in Phuket then here is a quick and easy guide for you so that you don’t miss out on any top must-see sights of Phuket.

• Koh Phi Phi:
Phi Phi Island is known for its vibrancy, and it is a great island where you can enjoy partying, which attracts a lot of young people. You can enjoy the all-night parties held at Koh Phi Phi on your island hopping Thailand tour.

• Phang Nga Bay:
Phang Nga Bay also known as the James Bond Island, is an iconic attraction because it was featured in one of the James Bond movies called ‘The man with the golden gun’.

• KohPanyi:
It is a Muslim coast village where you can enjoy sightseeing and delicious seafood. You will get to see the fantastic view of the Andaman Sea. These villagers are incredibly proud of their heritage so you can learn a lot about it.

• Similan Island:
It is a hidden gem of the Andaman sea and is incredibly eye-catching. The island has warm and clear water and is home rare and endangered marine life beneath huge boulders.

• Racha Island:
You can enjoy diving here however jet skiing, and parasailing are banned here.

How to island hop in Phuket, Thailand?

If you are independent hopper then getting to islands might get a bit hectic for you. Here are some easy ways for you to travel from one island to another.

• To go from one beach to another, you will have to use public ferries or go for a long walk. You will be able to find numerous ferry operators around the islands. A one-way journey to Phi Phi Island costs ฿600 and takes two hours to reach there. You can always book a ride online to avoid any last minute hassle.
• Some small islands have fewer transportation options. You can hire speedboats and longtails for island hopping Phuket.
• You can also rent a boat from different fishers. It would cost you around ฿5500; however, prices may vary depending upon the travel time and route.
• Another popular option that is exceptionally convenient is going on an island hopping tour. They may not be flexible, but you will be able to visit a large number of islands and not have to worry about transportation.


How can you plan your island hopping Thailand tour?

We know planning an island hopping trip can get a bit tiresome, which is why we are going to help you with that. You can always go on an island hopping tours Thailand they are stress-free and affordable. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the ferry schedules.

There is plenty of online and readily available island hopping Thailand tours for you to book. Booking a trip online is not hard but make sure that it is inexpensive, convenient and safe.

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