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Farren Morgan – Inspiration to the New Generation of British Soldiers

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Farren Morgan

Serving as a soldier in the British Military requires a copious supply of fearless bravery and extensive fortitude. 

You have to be disciplined, decisive, calm under highly stressful scenarios, have the confidence to know when to take action, and exercise restraint. For this reason, the training and trials soldiers have to undergo are so extensive to ensure that they are ready for the task at hand. 

As times have progressed, the relevance of mental health has become more and more prevalent, with the importance also being carried into the physical and mental well-being of soldiers serving in the Army and Veterans as a whole, making the training of the next generation of soldiers so crucial. 

With six years of firsthand experience in the British Army as a Section Commander, Lance Sergeant, and Physical Training Instructor for the Coldstream Guards, Farren fully grasps what it takes to thrive in the Military. 

Through his years of moulding the futures of soldiers and tactical athletes, Farren Morgan has developed some of the most qualified soldiers capable of consistently overcoming any physical and mental obstacles that come their way. Their success results from Farren’s rigorous, arduous training programmes designed to challenge all aspects of their fitness levels as they make their way towards becoming all-rounded tactical athletes. 

Through Farren’s coaching business, Farren Morgan Coaching, Farren has helped countless aspiring soldiers by equipping them with essential tools and fitness strategies designed to assist them through rigorous programmes such as the P company, commando course and officer selection so they can further the development of their military career. 

With the vast expansion of Farren’s coaching business since its launch during the heart of the pandemic, countless soldiers have turned to Farren for guidance and support on how they can improve upon their fitness and lifestyle routines while simultaneously keeping track of his daily tips and inspiration on social media to keep themselves informed, determined and motivated to see their goals and ambitions to fruition. 

To know more about Farren Morgan follow at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farrenmorgan_coaching/

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