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Macron Pumps Billions of Euros in French Suburbs

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Macron Pumps Billions of Euros in French Suburbs. The French President Macron wants to improve life in the French suburbs by tackling drug trafficking, with internships for government and business students and by refurbishing homes. Today he announced his plans for these banlieues.


The problems in the French suburbs have been known for years: poverty is high, unemployment is high. In 2005 it was the most significant eruption so far when riots broke out over the country that lasted three weeks, says eWorldNews.

Macron called the residents of these neighbourhoods “people who were born in difficult places” this afternoon. “Places where there is a lot of poverty and too little money and where education and work are far away.”

A look at the banlieue Sevran, about 20 kilometres from Paris, shows how miserable the situation is:

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