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Meeting Between Trump and Kim Still Uncertain

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Meeting Between Trump and Kim Still Uncertain. It is not yet confident that the meeting between the American president Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will continue, but the White House has already made a particular currency for a visit.


On the coin are images of Trump and Kim opposite each other, with the word ‘peace talks’ and the year 2018 on it. Kim Jong-un is called the supreme leader on the coin. 250 coins have been minted, posted by CNN News.

A spokesperson for the White House tells an American journalist that the communications department more often orders such coins for special occasions. This also happened under the presidency of Obama, but only if a trip was publicly announced. The coins are designed and made by an American coin producer.

Last year, coins were issued for the G7 summit in Italy and the visit of Trump to the pope in the Vatican.

The meeting between Trump and Kim is scheduled on June 12 in Singapore, but the regime in Pyongyang has threatened to blow it off after the announcement of US military exercises.

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